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Gallery "AVEC"

AVEC Gallery is a leading private exhibition area in Kharkiv that plays a prominent role in the cultural life of the city. Since year 2000 it was visited by nearly a million people. 

Numerous times the best artists of Kharkov, Ukraine and other countries presented their works in AVEC Gallery. A special place is given to the project "Dialogue of cultures". Within this project the following exhibitions were presented in the gallery: "Images of the gone world", "Foundation of eternity", "Ethnical variety of Ukraine", "Large in small. Masterpieces of Japan and China", "The way from Zloty to Euro", "Young art of Israel", "Masters and samurais", the exhibition of Nikos Safronov’s "Memories of childhood. With love to Ukraine" and many others. 

The Gallery is located in the atrium of the central office of Concern AVEC on Sumska Str., 70.