About us

Social responsibility

An important criteria for valuation of our business activity is social importance of its results. 

The assets of Concern AVEC including Barabashovo wholesale and retail shopping center are directly and indirectly the largest employers and taxpayers in the region. The companies of the Concern AVEC increase the level of economic activity and take part in cultural life of Kharkiv and Ukraine. 

During the years of activity AVEC has supported a number of local initiatives in improvement of arts, sports and renovation of the “face” of Kharkiv. The citizens remember the renovated Victory garden, monuments to violinist on the roof and to football, open-air evening music performances, youth football “Tournament of 1000 teams” and the victories of “AVEC-Motorsport” autocross team. 

There is the popular AVEC fine arts gallery in the structure of the Concern AVEC. It is located in the atrium of AVEC's centreal office on Sumskaya Str., 70. All year long it carries out exhibitions of the best creators of Ukraine, world famous artists and seminars devoted to modern art and design. Since opening, AVEC fine arts gallery has been visited by over a million people. 

To learn more about the social projects of AVEC, please visit the sites of The Feldman Collection – www.feldmancollection.org and ICF “Alexander Feldman Fund” – www.feldmanfund.org